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Aims of the portal

The web portal www.stipendije.info is the first Croatian online information point on scholarships available to Croatian citizens for studying both in Croatia and abroad.

The main aim of the web portal is to provide information on scholarship programs available to Croatian citizens. The portal will thus provide access to information on scholarships for a greater number of people, make for a greater transparency of scholarship programs, and finally help raise academic mobility as well as the level of democratization of Croatian higher education.

Why create a scholarships web portal?

  • Because scholarships contribute to the mobility of students, teachers and researchers
  • Because scholarships enable a more merit-based access to higher education, thus making higher education more democratic
  • Because Croatia needs a centralized, current, unbiased and thorough information service on scholarship programs open to Croatian citizens

The web portal www.stipendije.info was created for all Croatian citizens interested in scholarship programs at all levels of study, in Croatia as well as abroad. It also aims to become a useful resource for institutions in Croatia involved in higher education in Croatia and abroad, especially those offering scholarship programs. Scholarship-awarding institutions can post their scholarship announcements on the portal.

Apart from scholarship announcements, the portal also offers a wide array of additional information and resources useful in scholarship searches and helpful in putting together successful applications. The sections of the portal will include a list of open scholarship competitions, an archive of previously posted competitions, a section on first-hand experiences of scholarship award winners and fellows, tips and resources for the scholarship application process, useful links and interactive features such as forum and chat.

The www.stipendije.info web portal was created as part of the "VIRTUS – Virtual Academic Information Service: Scholarships.info" project, financed through the TEMPUS SCM program of the European Commission. Project partners include Croatian universities, as well as EU partner institutions. The project is coordinated by Institute for the Development of Education.



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