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Erasmus+ Institut Pasteur Projects 2019-2010

Deadline: contstantly open


Erasmus+ Institut Pasteur 2019-2020 

The Institut Pasteur is a private non-profit foundation that contributes to the prevention and treatment of diseases through research, education, and public health activities. 

Research: priority is given to fight infectious diseases, such as viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases, as well as certain types of cancer, genetic, neurodegenerative, and allergic diseases.

Education: every year 550 young scientists from all over the world follow high-level courses in various fields related to research in microbiology, immunology, cellular biology, epidemiology, genetics, and disease control. Over 850 trainees from 60 different countries come to perfect their skills or conduct their Master or Doctoral training in the Institute's laboratories.

The laboratories at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France have proposed 31 projects for Erasmus internships. In addition, two projects have been presented from the International Pasteur Network.

More informations: Research Centre, Institut Pasteur, Paris

Contact persons: Elisabetta Bianchi, David Itier, Sylvie Malot

e-mail: erasmus@pasteur.fr

website: https://www.pasteur.fr/en/education





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