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International Master in Computer Science

Deadline: contstantly open

Level: postgraduate
Field of study: Engineering
Place of study: France


The international track of the Master 1 in Computer Science is designed for international students. Lectures are given in English. French speaking students are welcome provided they have a sufficient level in English.

The Master 1 program is the first year of the Master degree studies. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be allowed to pursue in one of the Master 2 programs offered by the Master 2 IFI of Universit� Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNS), department of computer science.

The Master 2 IFI offers several tracks in various fields of CS and IT (the details can be found here). Among them, two international tracks are entirely taught in English: Ubinet (Ubiquitous Networking and Computing) and CompBio (Computational Biology and Biomedicine).

Students of partner universities having an agreement with the Universit� Nice-Sophia Antipolis are welcome and this track can also be validated in their country of origin.

A new track of the Master 1 program has been especially designed for the Data Science (DSC) first year of the ICT Labs Master school.. This program is offered to students who are registered in the European program Data Science of the Master School ICT labs (see http://www.masterschool.eitictlabs.eu/ for the registration and constraints for this master).
The Laboratory of Excellence LABEX UCN@Sophia provides scholarships to highly ranked students wishing to pursue studies at PhD level after the Ubinet master.

The conditions to get this grant are the following:

  • Excellent academic records;
  • Have obtained a Bachelor diploma (or equivalent) from a foreign University;
  • Follow a 2nd Year Master Program at the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis;
  • Do the internship in one of the LABEX research teams;
  • Be eager to pursue PhD studies in one of the LABEX research domains.

Other grants program are available, depending upon your home country. Below we list some of these programs:

  • Eiffel applicable to all foreign students. Deadline: first week of January;
  • Franco-Thai scholarship program applicable to Thai students; deadline is beginning February;
  • Erasmus if you are from one of the partner universities;
  • EmmAsia for students from partner universities from Asia.





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