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New competitions

University at Macau: MPDS PhD Scholarship
Deadline: 31.10.2018.

DAAD Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in Architecture, Germany
Deadline: 30.09.2018.

Pevec: Stipendije učenicima trgovačke ili poljoprivredne škole
Deadline: 30.09.2018.

University of Chicago: The Obama Foundation Scholarhip Program
Deadline: 01.11.2018.

PAR University College: Scholarship for Female Entrepreneurs
Deadline: 28.09.2018.

University of Sussex Sports Scholarships Scheme
Deadline: 01.10.2018.

National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic
Deadline: 31.10.2018.

Zaklada 'Nikola Tesla': Stipendije studentima s područja grada Karlovca
Deadline: 10.10.2018.

Deutsches Museum in Munich: Scholar in Residence Program 2018
Deadline: 12.10.2018.

The Global Goals scholarship
Deadline: 30.12.2018.


There are currently 75 open competitions and 4670 archived!

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