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General information

The application process is a necessary part of applying for any scholarship program.

Most often, the application process consists of the following activities*, all of which have a deadline:

  • Collecting the necessary educational documents
    • Filling out the application form
    • Filling out and collecting other application documents
  • Standardized test-taking (most often language tests)
  • Submitting the necessary documents to the scholarship administration center within the given deadline
  • An interview, which is a common part of the application process (usually scheduled after one or two pre-selections)

The time period to perform these activities is the given period between the scholarship competition announcement and the final deadline for submitting the applications. In most cases, the period lasts for about two or three months.

*The above-stated information is based on IRO's several years' experience of administering scholarship programs. Individual application activities are particular to each scholarship program and need to be checked beforehand.

Useful advice

  • Find out the month or at least part of the year when the scholarship competitions of your interest are announced. That way you will spot them in time and make sure that you have enough time to prepare a good application.



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