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Open Society Institute Scholarships

An overview of 6 scholarship programs for study abroad offered by the Open Society Institute.

OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE: NETWORK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS: 6 scholarship programs for study abroad

The Open Society Institute (OSI), a private operating and grantmaking foundation based in New York City, implements a range of initiatives to promote open society by shaping government policy and supporting education, media, public health, and human and women’s rights, as well as social, legal, and economic reform. To foster open society on a global level, OSI aims to bring together a larger Open Society Network of other nongovernmental organizations, international institutions, and government agencies. For more details, please visit the OSI web site www.soros.org.

The Open Society Institute’s Network Scholarship Programs (NSP) fund the participation of students, scholars and professionals from Eastern and Central Europe, the former Soviet Union and Burma in a variety of rigorous and competitive academic exchange programs. These programs aim to create lasting cross-national ties and to provide grantees with knowledge needed to foster open societies in their countries. The goals are to train future generations of university professors in the humanities and social sciences, and to address key professional training needs through fellowships in fields unavailable or underrepresented at institutions in the countries served. NSP enjoys generous cost-sharing for its programs from the United States State Department, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Cambridge Overseas Trust and a wide range of higher education institutions around the world.  All network scholarships are granted via open, merit-based competition with multi-tiered, impartial selection procedures.

There are in total 6 NSP scholarships programs administered in Croatia:

  1. Undergraduate Exchange Program: scholarships for one-year undergraduate study in the USA for 2nd year undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences.
  2. Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme: one-month visits for post-doctoral scholars in one of the colleges of the University of Oxford.
  3. Oxford Scholarships (OSI/FCO Scholarships for Oxford & York Universities): scholarships for humanities, social sciences and environmental studies. The program has four options:
    • 1-year Masters degree at the University of Oxford; 
    • 1-year Masters degree in Political Philosophy at the University of York
    • 9-month postgraduate research contributing towards a doctoral degree in the candidate’s home institution; 
    • 3-month Research Scholarships in Applied Social Studies for officials, experts or consultants working for governmental or public bodies
  4. Cambridge Scholarships (OSI/FCO Cambridge Scholarships): scholarships for 1-year Masters degree in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Cambridge. 
  5. OSI/Staffordshire University Business School (UK) Scholarships: 4- year program for MPhil/PhD studies in Economics by Distance Learning mode. Each year, the scholars will spend 3-4 months at Staffordshire University and the remainder at their home institution. 
  6. Global Supplementary Grant Program: supplementary grants for students wishing to undertake doctoral studies in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

The administration center in Croatia for the Open Society Institute Network Scholarship Programs is

Institute for the Development of Education
(Institut za razvoj obrazovanja)
PreradoviŠeva 33/I, 10000 Zagreb
Tel.: 01/4817-195
Web site: www.iro.hr
Contact person: Thomas Farnell
E-mail: tfarnell@iro.hr



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