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The Global Campus South East Europe

Rok za prijavu: 20.09.2020.


The Global Campus South East Europe - European Regional Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South  East Europe (GC SEE/ERMA), is a one year interdisciplinary Master’s programme coordinated by the University of Sarajevo (UNSA), Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) and the University of Bologna (UNIBO), Department of Political and Social Sciences.

All interested in studying human rights and democracy in South East Europe are hereby invited to apply for the 20th edition of GC SEE/ERMA.

DEADLINE 20 September 2020

Up to 36 students will be selected in the last week of September 2020, from the following target groups:

  • Target group I (25 places): Citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and citizens of Kosovo (who hold a passport of a country recognized by BiH).
  • Target group II (5 places): Citizens of the European Union countries, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.
  • Target group III (up to 6 places): candidates from other countries.

Students from TGI (25 students) and TGII (5 students) receive the following financial support during their studies:

  1. Study grants covering regular living costs (November to July) in the amount of 4.500€ gross.
  2. Costs of lodging and dining (full board) covered by the programme during the term in Italy
  3. Reimbursements (travel, health insurance, diploma recognition etc.) in the overall amount of 1.200€.

Students of TG III are self-funded. These students are expected to cover all their living and travel expenses as well as the costs of Term III lodging in Italy (3150 Euros). The students are encouraged to secure funding through other sources.

For further information, please visit www.erma-programme.eu or contact us at: info@erma-programme.eu





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