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DAAD/OSI Program scholarships for Masters and PhD

Rok za prijavu: 31.10.2011.

Kontakt institucija: Institut za razvoj obrazovanja
Razina studija: diplomski studij, poslijediplomski studij
Područje studija: društvene znanosti
Mjesto studija: Njemačka


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Bonn, and Open Society Institute (OSI) are collaborating on a joint program of grants for graduates from the Balkans.

The DAAD/OSI Scholarships aim to bolster the capacity of the participating countries to provide quality instruction and research in the social sciences and humanities, and to create a network of scholars from these countries in these fields with colleagues in Germany to enhance the international exchange of ideas and academic best practice.


Support Opportunities

  • Two-year Master programs
  • Three-year PhD dissertation fellowships


Eligible Academic Areas

Applicants for the Masters pathway can apply only for one of the selected courses listed in the DAAD-OSI MA Course List 2012-13 attached below.

Students interested in the PhD option can apply for studies within the following areas:

  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Public Administration Studies
  • Educational Administrative Studies
  • Public Health
  • Philosophy
  • German Studies (in special cases only)

Unlike the applicants for MA study programs, Ph.D. candidates may choose other universities in Germany, different from the list provided.



For the 2012-13 academic year, the following candidates from Croatia are eligible to apply:

  • For Masters programme: Applicants holding the equivalent of a bachelor's degree. Final year undergraduate students can submit their applications, but need to acquire their BA diploma before the beginning of their Master program in Germany.
  • For PhD programme: Applicants holding an MA degree. All applicants to Phd programs must provide evidence of contact to a prospective German supervisor.

All students applying to the joint DAAD-OSI scholarship must be citizens and residents of Croatia at the time of application. Croatian applicants currently residing outside of their home country are not eligible to apply.


Language Requirement

A good knowledge of German is desirable. Funding for additional language training may be available in German only.

German language testing is administered by DAAD Representatives in each country to assess a candidate’s level of German. Please check the available testing dates with local DAAD representatives before submitting your application.


Selection Process

In early 2012 (January-March), preselected applicants will be invited to an interview. The selection committee includes German university professors, one DAAD and one OSF representative. In the case of applications for PhD scholarships, the final decision may be conferred to a selection committee in Bonn.


Financial Support

Participants will receive a monthly stipend, an allowance for travel to and from their host institutions and, if required, a language course (lasting up to 2 months). PhD students are entitled to an additional return trip to their home country in the second year of study.


Application Forms and Procedures

Applicants should apply on the usual DAAD application forms submitting all necessary documents requested on page 5 of the DAAD Application Form (Antrag auf ein Forschungs-/Studienstipendium) (green) along with 2 Reference Forms (Gutachten zu Stipendienanträgen von ausländischen Studierenden,Graduierten, Doktoranden und Promovierten), and other supporting materials as stated in the DAAD-OSI Applicant Information 2012-13 document.

Application and reference forms are available below, along with detailed and specific instructions on the application procedure. Additional information and application materials may be found at: www.daad.de/de/form


Further information and advice

Important: Applicants to Master courses normally may apply for admission to their university after the scholarship application deadline. However, before submitting their scholarship application, all candidates are strongly advised to check their eligibility according to the application requirements and deadlines for their course of study, which are set by their university.

For more information on eligibility criteria and application details, please refer to the local DAAD-IC-Office contact in the first instance. Applicants from Croatia should contact the DAAD lecturer in Croatia. All contacts are available in the document below.

General OSI information can be obtained from your OSI scholarship program coordinator in your home country.



Please make sure all forms are completed and submitted to the German Embassy in Zagreb not later than October 31, 2011.



Application form (257 kb)
Reference form (117 kb)
Applicant information (128 kb)
MA course list (35 kb)
Eligibility (84 kb)
Contacts (82 kb)


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