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IIE Aloha Scholarship

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Institute of Intensive English

IIE Hawaii

We are committed to spreading aloha around the world for a healthier, happier planet. Through the IIE Aloha Scholarship, we provide students the chance to learn about the meaning of the aloha spirit and empower them with improved English skills, the international language of communication. The scholarship is offered to students from designated under-represented countries based on financial need and/or purpose of studying English. Our priority is to students whose English learning will be a tool for positive change or action in the local or international community. The scholarship normally covers tuition only. Subsidized housing may be available upon request and availability.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Based on financial need and/or purpose of studying English
  • Priority to students from under-represented countries (less than 3 percent of student body) whose plan is to use English in the future to benefit the students' local community or world at large (this includes people who may already be residing in Hawaii)
  • Must write a short essay or make a video about yourself along with a resume/application
  • Must provide a letter of recommendation from current or former professor/teacher or an authority who can testify to applicant’s character and academic/professional/community experience and/or potential
  • While at IIE, students must volunteer at local charities/non-profits to learn about meaning of aloha
  • After completion of program, students must write about the experience or make a video, and how you will use what you've learned in Hawaii in the future
  • Scholarship covers tuition only. Duration minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months
  • Subsidized accommodation may be available dependent on availability
  • Limit per year: enrollment weeks equal to 10 one year enrollments

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