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Federal state educational budgetary institution

Federal state educational budgetary institution

Federal state educational budgetary institution

Federal state educational budgetary institution of higher education "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" is one of the oldest Russian universities that train economists, financiers, lawyers in financial law, mathematicians, it specialists, sociologists and political scientists.

The University has grown from an Institute, an Academy specializing in training specialists in the financial and banking sector, to a large scientific and educational complex. Currently, the structure of the Financial University includes:

  • training division: 16 departments, 14 teaching and research departments, 11 University departments, 11 major departments, created in conjunction with employers, 2 colleges and Lyceum;
  • research units: 9 research departments and 4 institutes;
  • additional education units: 4 higher schools, 4 institutes and 1 research center.

In addition, the University consists of 5 institutes, 18 centers, 1 Agency and 1 business school.

The branch network consists of 27 branches (13 branches implementing programs of higher education; 4 branches implementing programs of higher and secondary vocational education; 10 branches implementing programs of secondary vocational education), which include 5 faculties and 62 departments.

Financial University – one of the leading universities in the country, implementing 13 areas of training bachelors (37 training profiles), 14 areas of training masters (more than 60 master's programs), 16 basic educational programs of secondary vocational education, as well as 72 programs of professional retraining, including MBA programs, and 338 training programs.

As of today, the University is in the top 170 universities in the international ranking QS EECA (Eastern Europe and Central Asia), and QS BRICS University occupies 153 place.

The University is making steady progress in the QS subject rankings. Thus, in 2017, the University was present only in one subject rating ("Economics and econometrics"), and in 2018, entering the top 450 ranking in Economics and econometrics, the University also entered the top 400 of the new subject rating in the direction of "Business and management".

The University for five years is in the top 20 best universities in Russia according to the rating Agency "Expert RA". In 2019, the University took 15th place in the RAEX ranking of "100 best universities in Russia", and:

  • 35th place in terms of research activities;
  • 17th place in terms of quality education;
  • 12th place in the field of information technology;
  • 6th place in demand of graduates by employers.

The partners of the Financial University abroad are:

  • universities and other higher education institutions and research centers;
  • professional banking and insurance training centers;
  • business school;
  • the centers which are carrying out reception of qualification examinations and issue of the internationally recognized certificates, examination of educational programs and, respectively, accreditation of educational institutions;
  • banks, insurance, audit, industrial companies;
  • scientific funds of foreign countries.
  • Business contacts with partner institutions of Austria, Bulgaria, great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, the USA and France are developing especially intensively.

The main faculties:

  • International Finance faculty
    • Preparatory faculty
  • Faculty of risk analysis and economic security named after Professor V. K. Senchagov
  • Faculty of public administration and financial control
  • Faculty of logistics
  • Faculty of international tourism, sports and hospitality
  • Faculty of international economic relations
    • Faculty of management
  • Faculty of taxes and taxation
  • Faculty of applied mathematics and information technology
  • Faculty of sociology and political science
  • Faculty of accounting and auditing
  • Faculty of financial markets named after Professor V. S. Gerashchenko
  • Faculty of Economics and Finance of fuel and energy complex
  • Faculty of Finance and Economics
    • Law faculty

More information can be found on University's official website.



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