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Moscow state technical University Bauman

Moscow state technical University Bauman

Moscow state technical University Bauman

Moscow state technical University Bauman is Russian national research University, research center and a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.

The University is actively involved in the Bologna process. In 2008, MSTU received the European quality award "for striving to achieve high quality educational services in accordance with international standards". MGTU Bauman has been  the head University of the Association of technical universities, which includes more than 130 Russian universities, for more than 10 years. MSTU is the first Russian University to become a member of the Association "Top Industrial Managers for Europe".

In the international ranking of universities MSTU Bauman occupies 334th place among the TOP 800 universities in the world, which is the third best result among all Russian universities.

MSTU trains in more than 70 specialties. In 2007, the University enrolled about 18,000 students, in the educational process of the University involved more than 4,500 professors and teachers, including 450 doctors of Sciences and about 3,000 candidates of Sciences. In the period from 1918 to 1997, more than 120 000 specialists have been trained at the University and most of them have linked their lives with research and design activities, working at the largest enterprises of machine-building and instrument-making industry. Some departments of BMSTU are also located in suburban towns: Krasnogorsk, Reutov, the Queen runs the Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU. N. Uh.Bauman.

Main faculties

  • Biomedical engineering (BMT)
  • Military Institute (VI), Faculty of military education
  • Military Institute( VI), military Training center
  • Head of teaching and research and methodical center (GFMC)
  • Engineering business and management (IBM)
  • Informatics and control systems (is)
  • Linguistics (L)
  • Engineering technologies (MT)
  • Radioelectronics and laser technology (RL)
  • Robotics and complex automation (RC)
  • Social and human Sciences (SGBV)
  • Special engineering (CM)
  • Faculty of international educational programs (FIEP)
  • Basic Sciences (FN)
  • Physical fitness (FOF)
  • Power Engineering (E)
  • Department of Law, intellectual property and forensic examination (JUR)
  • Industry and other departments
  • AK-Aerospace
  • ECO — Opto-electronic engineering
  • PS-instrument-Making
  • RKT-Rocket and space technology
  • RT-radio Engineering

More information can be found on the official website.



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