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St. Petersburg state University

St. Petersburg state University

St. Petersburg state University

St. Petersburg state University is a scientific and educational center of world importance, one of the largest centers of Russian science and culture, the first University in Russia.

St. Petersburg state University is the largest scientific and educational center in Europe and the world. Today, more than 30 thousand students study here, Nobel and fields prize laureates work, more than 15 large laboratories and 26 resource centers have been created, which are part of the country's leading Scientific Park. The University has a rich history — only St. Petersburg state University can rightly bear the name of the first University in Russia.

The key function of any University is training. St. Petersburg University trains according to its higher than Federal educational standards, prepares graduates in demand in the modern labor market, in companies-leaders in various industries.

SPBU graduates include six Prime Ministers and two presidents of the Russian Federation. Nine Nobel prize laureates studied and worked at the University. The special status of St. Petersburg University is defined by the Federal law. St. Petersburg state University has the right to defend dissertations according to its own rules and to award degrees of candidates and doctors of Sciences recognized by the state.

Today about 30 thousand students from dozens of countries study at St. Petersburg University. More than 12 thousand people are employees of St. Petersburg state University,including Nobel and fields prize laureates. St. Petersburg University was the first in Russia to open a grant program for personnel support of scientific research. Thanks to the open competition, more than 300 foreign teachers and 130 postdocs became part of the University's research groups. The University consistently improves its performance in the authoritative world rankings of universities

The University educational and scientific complex includes: 24 special faculties and institutes, as well as University-wide Department of physical culture and sports, medical College, College of physical culture and sports, Economics and technology, Academic gymnasium named after D. K. Faddeev of St. Petersburg state University.

  • Institute " Higher school of journalism and mass communications»
  • Institute " Graduate school of management»
  • Institute of Earth Sciences
    • Institute of history
    • Institute of philosophy
    • Institute of chemistry
  • Institute of translational Biomedicine (since 2015) [25]
    • Biological faculty
    • Oriental faculty
  • Faculty of mathematics and mechanics
    • Medical faculty
    • Faculty of arts
    • International relations faculty
  • Faculty of political science
  • Faculty of applied mathematics-control processes
    • Faculty of psychology
  • Faculty of liberal arts and Sciences
    • Faculty of sociology
  • Faculty of dentistry and medical technology
    • Physics department
    • Philological faculty
    • Economic faculty
    • Law faculty
  • Faculty of mathematics and computer science

More ifnormation can be found on University's official website.



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