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The Gnessin Russian Academy of Music

The Gnessin Russian Academy of Music

The Gnessin Russian Academy of Music

The Gnessin Russian Academy of Music (RAM) is a Federal state musical and pedagogical educational institution of higher education in Moscow, located at 30-36 Povarskaya street.

The Academy is one of the two basic higher educational institutions of the educational and methodical Association of Russia for education in the field of musical art, along with the Moscow Conservatory. One of the leading music universities in the country and the world. The Academy is the only University that presents all the specialties and specializations of various musical directions studied in Russia.


  • Piano.
  • Orchestral.
  • Folk instruments-opened in 1948. The first in the history of Russia faculty of folk instruments. Founder-Alexander Ilyukhin. Since 2004, the faculty consists of the Department of folk instruments (balalaika, domra, head of the Department — A. A. Gorbachev) and the Department of accordion and accordion (head of the Department Friedrich Robertovich lips).
  • Folk art-opened in 2012. It consists of the departments "Choral and solo folk singing" and "National instruments of the peoples of Russia" (psaltery, Russian harmonica). The first head of the Department — Honored artist of Russia, associate Professor Lyubov Yakovlevna Zhuk (gusli), now head of the Department - Alexander Sergeevich Bazikov. Since June 2017 it has been reorganized into the faculty of folk art and production.
  • Historical-theoretical-composer.
  • Vocal.

Creative team

  • Symphony orchestra (90 people)
  • Russian folk orchestra "Soul of Russia" (60 people)
  • Brass band (50 people)
  • Academic choir (50 people)
  • Folk choir (50 people)
  • Chamber academic choir (30 people)
  • Studio theatre Opera named after Y. A. Speransky RAM them. College
  • Chamber orchestra (18 people)
  • Russian concert orchestra (18 people)
  • Orchestra of bayans and accordions "Ad Libitum" (16 people)
  • Fanfare ensemble (12 people)
  • Folk singing ensemble "Zolotitsa" (9 people)
  • Academic band p / u A. Kroll



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