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Univerza v Mariboru

Univerza v Mariboru

Within its structure the University of Maribor aims to achieve the greatest level of internationalization as possible and become more recognizable in the European and global higher education sector, for which a developed and successful international cooperation is a strong foundation.

International activities and mobility are one of the most important scopes of action since they supplement the study offer and enable a higher level of quality of professors’ performance. Active involvement in the European Higher Education Area is also extremely important since UM plans its further development and cultivates its international image on the basis of the Bologna Declaration.

Academic exchange is conducted on the basis of inter-university or inter-faculty agreements concluded with foreign partner institutions offering short study visits or longer exchanges lasting from one semester to one year. UM is being integrated into the European academic community in order to promote Slovene national identity and ensure competitiveness of Slovene intellectuals on the European labour market. For this reason, UM ensures academic mobility of both professors and students and participates in various networks of European universities at regional, national and European level.

UM is also a member of various international associations, e.g. European University Association (EUA), Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology (CRP), Alps-Adriatic Rectors' Conference (AARC), Danube Rectors' Conference (DRC), Leveraging Education into Organisations (LEO-NET), European Network of Academic Sports Services (ENAS) and University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNEECC).

University of Maribor has actively participated in the Erasmus programme since 1999. For this academic year the University of Maribor has signed around 340 agreements with Erasmus partner universities. The number of exchange students increases every year (starting from 18 incoming and 86 outgoing in 1999/2000 up to 350 incoming and 280 outgoing students in 2011/2012). The number of mobile outgoing professors is also growing (90), as well as the numbers of students placements and staff trainings.

An active exchange of students and professors is running since 1995 also within the CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) programme.

The University of Maribor is actively involved as a partner in Erasmus Mundus programme- JoinEU-SEE II academic exchange between EU and Western Balkan countries. The JoinEU-SEE programme thus contributes to the sustainable development of third countries in the field of higher education in accordance with the external policy objectives of the European Union. JoinEU-SEE II supports mobility at all levels of higher education, including both mobility for students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and for staff (academic and administrative).



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