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Stipendija za međunarodne studente za preddiplomski studij Islamske teologije

Rok za prijavu: 31.03.2019.

Razina studija: preddiplomski studij
Područje studija: humanističke znanosti


Scholarship details

The scholarship is provided by the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation and the purpose of the scholarship program is:

  • To contribute to Islamic education of the Muslim communities.
  • To train qualified people in every aspect of Islam who will benefit their communities with their knowledge and experiences.
  • To build cultural bridges between Turkey and related societies.
  • To share experience in the field of Islam and Islamic education.


In addition to other expenses such as annual return ticket to home countries, accommodation, clothing, and stationary expenses, the foundation supports its students with monthly bursaries at the amounts determined by the board at the beginning of every year.

Conditions of application

Applicants for Turkiye Diyanet Foundation International Islamic Studies Scholarship Program have to meet the following conditions:

  • Not to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Those who are Turkish citizens or lost Turkish citizenship for any reason cannot apply to International Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.
  • To be born not earlier than 01.01.1998.
  • Not to have any mental or physical health problem and obstacle to study in Turkey.
  • To graduate from a high school equivalent to grade 12 in Turkey with at least a good degree (70%).
  • Not having repeated or suspended from the school more than two years without a valid excuse after completing the high school.
  • Not to be penalized for any disciplinary action during his education in his country.
  • Those who are previously Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s student while he/she studying at any educational level can apply if his/her scholarship has not ended by the Foundation.
  • Those who are currently studying in Turkey cannot apply to TDF’s Islamic Studies Scholarship Program.

Required Documents for the Application

  • Valid original high school diploma (certificate) or a certified copy.
  • High school education transcript indicating that the student has completed the school with a good degree.
  • Valid original identity card /passport or certified copy of the passport.
  • An official health report indicating that the student does not have any health case interrupting his education in Turkey.
  • 6 passport photographs (4.5 x6 cm in size).
  • Study permit from a Turkish Foreign Mission.
  • Turkish equivalency certificate for high school diploma from a representative, consultant or educational attaché or any Turkish qualified authority.
  • If applicants have academically, vocational, language etc. certificates he/she should upload those documents.
  • Letter of motivation and reference letter.

These documents can be uploaded here.

More information about the scholarship program, application procedure, and contact information can be found here





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