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Visiting Scholars in Residence Program, Gender studies

Rok za prijavu: 12.04.2007.

Kontakt institucija: Central European University
Razina studija: radni posjet
Područje studija: humanističke znanosti
Mjesto studija: Mađarska


Visiting Scholars in Residence Program

Department of Gender studies, Central European University of Budapest

The program gives scholars working on gender-related projects the opportunity to work in a lively community of gender scholars, institutional support, and the opportunity to reside in Budapest, a beautiful, multicultural European capital city. The CEU Gender Studies Department provides formal university affiliation which includes access to CEU library facilities, a campus mailing address, a CEU email account, computer and internet access, shared office space, the opportunity to participate in departmental events, and an invitation to present work-in-progress.

The department requests that in return, scholars in residence participate in departmental activities and acknowledge the department’s support in any publications that result from this research period. Central European University does not offer stipends or other financial support for scholars participating in this program.

Deadline: April 21, 2007


Department of Gender Studies,

 Visiting Scholars in Residence Program Central European University,

Budapest H-1051, Nador u. 9, Hungary

Tel.: +361-327-3034 Fax: +361-327-3296

E-mail: gender@ceu.hu  

Internet: http://www.gend.ceu.hu/visiting_scholars.php  





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