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Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn Tech) is one of the premier technical universities in the region with a strong focus on high-level research in engineering, technology and innovation-related fields.

Leading Engineering and Technology institute

Tallinn Tech is a modern and internationally successful institute, with a long academic history. The public university is the only technological university in Estonia, and Estonia’s leader when it comes to engineering and technical education. Tallinn Tech has 8 faculties: Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Information Technology, Chemical and Materials Technology, Social Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Science and Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration.

Tallinn Tech has modern campus with new student dormitories which was chosen among the best in the world by the Club of the Rectors of Europe! Starting from 2013 Tallinn Tech is available in QS World University Rankings and according to the Estonian Alien Act, international students who are staying temporarily in Estonia may work in Estonia if they have registered their employment!

In 2014 Tallinn Tech offers 22 international degree programmes in English for Bachelor's and Master's level and number of PhD programmes.


  • Engineering – no tuition fee!
  • International Business Administration (BBA)
  • International Relations
  • Law


  • Work and Organizational Psychology
  • International Business Administration (MBA)
  • International Relations and European-Asian Studies
  • Finance and Economic Analysis
  • Law
  • Law and Technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Technology Governance


  • Cyber Security
  • Computer and system Engineering
  • Communicative Electronics
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Environmental Management and Cleaner Production
  • Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics
  • Health Care Technology
  • Design and Engineering
  • E-Governance Technologies and Services
  • Technology of Wood and Plastic
  • Mechatronics

Tallinn Tech is the most international university in Estonia. There are over 13 500 students studying in Tallinn Tech and over 1000 of them are international students from 75 different countries from all over the world. The university is tightly integrated with international cooperation networks and projects and is actively participating in creating the global higher education and research area.

Set in an inspiring environment, Tallinn Tech offers a both cultural and exciting educational experience. With Northern Europe’s best housing and sporting facilities, Tallinn University of Technology’s campus is also the home of the Estonian Information Technology College. The campus also holds around 150 high-tech companies, including Skype. Also MEKTORY innovation centre is part of Tallinn Tech. If you want to be a part of extraordinary adventure and if you have ideas that need to be shared or if you just want to witness the birth of innovation, you should visit MEKTORY centre. This is the place where innovative students and their ideas meet with companies and their needs.

Application deadline for Croatians is 21st of July 2014.

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