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Depending on the competition, an interview can also be part of the selection process. All the necessary information about the interview is stated in the competition.

If you have been invited for an interview, this means that you have submitted all of the required application documents and that your application was successful in passing the first round of selection. The interview also means another opportunity to show the selection committee what you are worth.

If you do not perform well at the interview, your application will most likely be eliminated from further selection. Therefore it is in your best interest to prepare for the interviewas best as you can.

How to prepare for an interview?

  • Study the competition and the program carefully
  • Find out as much as you can about the program and the institution providing it
  • Make a research of the institution’s web page and try to get in touch with people who may have already gone through the same application process
  • Note down any interesting facts about the program or institution, including aspects you do not understand or would like to know more about. These questions will come in useful when it is your turn to ask questions at the interview (which is a part of the interview)
  • Go through the documents you submitted in the application, as well as your CV and motivation letter, paying special attention to the competition requirements/criteria that you must meet
  • Try to find out how long the interview will last, who will be the interviewers, and the questions they are more likely to ask. One of the most common questions is: “What is it that makes you a top candidate for this program?”
  • Whatever you do, do no lie!

Even though you should come prepared, the interview is not meant to be an inquisition!

The aim of the interview is to provide the selection committee with a more detailed picture of aspects they were not able to assess from your application documents: your personality, accessibility, the way you think and answer questions, etc. Therefore you should expect the interview to be held in a formal atmosphere, with yourself doing most of the talking.

The day of the interview

  • Do not be late! Come early if you must, but by no means should you be late 
  • Plan ahead: find out the location of the interview and plan the time of your arrival 
  • If you are coming in from out of town, make sure you get enough sleep the night before
  • Bring copies of all of your application documents (except the letters of recommendation, of course)
  • Dress formally: a suit is the best choice both for men and women. If you do not own a suit, wear your best shirt and trousers/skirt. A jacket and tie are recommended for men
  • Be careful of your posture and body language
  • Do not chew gum
  • Be relaxed

After the interview

  • Send a thank-you note after the interview (preferably on the same day).

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