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New competitions

The Einstein Fellowship in Germany
Deadline: 15.04.2017.

Scholarships at University of Messina in Italy
Deadline: 22.05.2017.

Potpuna stipendija za The Galilean School of Higher Education u Padovi
Deadline: 22.05.2017.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law (Budapest)
Deadline: 30.04.2017.

Google Digital News Journalist Fellowships
Deadline: 17.06.2017.

Stipendija za studij menadžmenta u Sydneyu
Deadline: 14.04.2017.

United Nations University PhD Internship
Deadline: 31.03.2017.

Gran Sasso Science Institute PhD Scholarship
Deadline: 31.05.2017.

Stipendija za studij održivog razvoja i klimatskih promjena na Malti
Deadline: 05.05.2017.

Američki Hrvati stipendiraju nadarene hrvatske studente u domovini
Deadline: 15.05.2017.


There are currently 82 open competitions and 4431 archived!

The Institute for the Development of Education possesses no further information on the competitions published on this website. Enquiries concerning particular competitions should be directed to the contact institution stated in the competition.



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