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Why Should I Support Scholarships.info?

Why Should I Support Scholarships.info?

The Institute for the Development of Education (IDE), a non-governmental and a non-profit organization, launched the portal Scholarships.info (Stipendije.info) on September 30, 2005.

We created the portal because we believe that scholarships: 

  1. Ensure equal educational opportunities for all individuals
  2. Remove barriers in accessing higher education for students from underprivileged backgrounds such as persons with disabilities, minority groups  and students from lower-income families
  3. Directly influence the number of university graduates and the social and economic development of the society on the whole
  4. Provide direct opportunities for academic mobility

The core mission of the portal Scholarships.info is to: 

  1. Extend the information on scholarships opportunities to a wide audience, and especially to the underserved social groups
  2. Promote equity in accessing higher education
  3. Encourage study abroad opportunities and international exchange
  4. Address the issue of insufficient need-based financial aid for the underprivileged students and stimulate granting of the need-based scholarships
  5. Encourage public, private and economic sector to invest in exceptional and underprivileged students through scholarships
  6. Contribute to a greater transparency of the scholarship competitions

If you share our values and goals, support the portal Scholarships.info now or continue reading about the portal’s most significant achievements.



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