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New competitions

EducationUSA Academy - Temple University
Deadline: 13.05.2019.

International Literary Prize 'Da Vinci Global'
Deadline: 20.09.2019.

Scholarships for MA Programme in Film and Television Studies - University of Warwick
Deadline: 01.07.2019.

Sociology Departmental MA Scholarship - University of Warwick
Deadline: 26.04.2019.

Scholarships for European Forum Alpbach
Deadline: 29.03.2019.

Scholarships from Hrvoje Požar`s Foundation for Students in a Field of Energetics
Deadline: 30.04.2019.

University of Bilkent Scholarships for MA in philosophy
Deadline: 08.06.2019.

Republic of China`s Scholarship for Croatia Students
Deadline: 25.03.2019.

2020-2021 Fulbright Pre-Doctoral (Student) Competition
Deadline: 10.05.2019.

2020-2021 Fulbright Post-Doctoral (Scholar) Program
Deadline: 10.05.2019.


There are currently 77 open competitions and 4756 archived!

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